Friday, December 6, 2013 | 8:40 AM | 0 comments
supp guys and gals. Im bored so, here I am. Writing. Tomorrow Im helping my brother selling his kids clothing at KL. Nothing much, I thought if he sells it at Rasta TTDI I could window shopping all the prettehh clothes there urgh but nooo, he just sells the kids clothes at a pasar pagi one la I think. Im really in need of new pair of skinny jeans since all I have is jeggings. You see, I like jeggings but it seems that its pretty thin but not too thin than jeans, you know what Im saying? Hmm, and I also need to buy a longsleeve sweatshirt because I dont have alot of longsleeve shirt so that would be great and I would've probably sweat alot because it is so fucking hot here in Malaysia lol. Oh yeah and another thing. Sometimes I feel like I have multiple personalties hmm. Im different when Im around my friends, different when around my bf and Im also different when Im around my family. My true personality probably when Im all alone, in my room hmm sounds kinda sad? Haha! Nope.
Long time no post.
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 | 2:58 AM | 0 comments
Supp guys hehe. I just wanted to show guys a picture that I edited on photoshop.



Uhm. so what do you guys think? I know the photo itself looks dark haha.
Disclaimer; photo is not mine, I got it from google.

"There is something dark about photography of a woman underwater or look like drowning. Its like she's drifting deeper and deeper drowning in her sorrows." Sorry! You probably dont understand what Im saying. Its okay, just let me understand my own words.


You can forget all of me, you can be happy now. We fought too much, I can’t do this anymore. Because of you I laughed, I cried. Is there another fool like me too? Who gives all and smiles even when everything is lost. There has to be a fool like me somewhere. That person will also be waiting for me, like a fool.

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