New Obsession.
Monday, February 6, 2012 | 6:13 PM | 0 comments
Hello world.
Yes, again. Been lazy when it comes for updating this blog. Lol, I know you guys already bored wif this skin aite? Well Im working on a new skin fr this blog. Its more simple, I guess? Yep, I have a new obsession now. Im in love with Jirayu Laong-manee, weird name. Haha. In case you don't know him, heres a picture of him or more xD ;

Hes an actress. If you watch the movie Suck-Seed, then you will know him. And ofcourse, the movie Love at 4 Size. Already watch the movie yesterday, just because of him! Your so damn cute! He's also a singer. But he suck when it comes to singing live. Seriously. Hahaha. But still, I won't forget you my lovely yoseob.

Woah, major cuteness! Can't you be more cuter darling? Miahahahahaw.


You can forget all of me, you can be happy now. We fought too much, I can’t do this anymore. Because of you I laughed, I cried. Is there another fool like me too? Who gives all and smiles even when everything is lost. There has to be a fool like me somewhere. That person will also be waiting for me, like a fool.

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