Layout changed.
Sunday, August 25, 2013 | 7:18 AM | 0 comments
So, let me tell you real quick. Totally a short post. So, I changed my template to this. Yeah, its ugly and not like the previous one lol. It is somewhat like a galaxy themed template I think? A lot of people have made a skin similar to this because it has became a trend? lol I donno cause all of the blogs i've been to has this kind of layout and ehmagerd, why the heck is profile that I wrote is sho fuhking depressed lmao hahaha oh and looked at the intro thats even more depressed hahahaha. Kbai.
I got SOTD!
Saturday, August 24, 2013 | 5:43 AM | 0 comments
 Omaigad, I can't believe I got an SOTD in! Thanks for making my skin as a SOTD, totally shocked. I appriciate all the comments that you guys gave me about the skin, either good or bad. Lol, anyway Im supposed to change my template after contributing the skin, but too lazy to change. Haha, Im so weird.

here's the skin;

The Falling Petals

Sorry if the skin is not like you guys expected it to be.
Running Man.
Friday, August 23, 2013 | 8:11 AM | 0 comments
Supp people! Currently im watching Running Man stream from the internet. Anyway, long time no see. This year raya is not really great? I guess? But still a fun raya. I'll post some of the raya pictures here later, of course not now because im pretteh laaaaayzayyy. You know me, Im lazy all the timeeeeee. Oh, by the way. The running man episode that Im watching now is episode 118, which is where Choi Min Soo appear! If you guys have watched the previous episode that Choi Min Soo came as guest such as; Running Man Hunting and Grasshopper Hunting it is effing hilarious I tell you!

Sneak Peak;



You can forget all of me, you can be happy now. We fought too much, I can’t do this anymore. Because of you I laughed, I cried. Is there another fool like me too? Who gives all and smiles even when everything is lost. There has to be a fool like me somewhere. That person will also be waiting for me, like a fool.

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