Midnight post.
Sunday, September 1, 2013 | 9:39 AM | 0 comments
Hey people. Its already midnight and I really hope it would rain cause I can't sleep. So,hear me out guys. This is a short post, right now Im just ranting about stuff so its okay if you dont want to read it. Actually, Im deciding that I want to bleach my hair so I would have like a ombre kind of effect. Its really pretty, but seriously I dont want to damage my hair but I'll risk it lol.

kind of looked like this. Source: x

So, yesterday while me and my brother are going out I asked him to drove me to watsons store cause I want to buy something \I didnt tell him about the hair bleaching/. When he found out about what I was going to buy he was shocked and totally saying a no no. Lol, he tought I was going to bleach my whole hair but Im actually just going to bleach half of it. Anyway, I ended up not buying the bleach due to the insufficant funds. But Im totally going to buy that later. In stealth mode hahaha, and probably got my butt kicked by my mom oh well. Teenagers are all like that when they are in a rebellious stage :p because its yolo biatchhhhhhh hahahaha bye tweeps xx.


You can forget all of me, you can be happy now. We fought too much, I can’t do this anymore. Because of you I laughed, I cried. Is there another fool like me too? Who gives all and smiles even when everything is lost. There has to be a fool like me somewhere. That person will also be waiting for me, like a fool.

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